The remit of messages

Even if it seems hard to believe, every gesture of an animal allowed a message.The barking of a dog and the mew of a cat have the same meaning as the words for us.By the way they keep their ears and look at us they try to say something but without voice.Although the dog hasn't voice ,he say to us something by the way he behaves;the dog:the barking(to announce the arrival of a person), the growl(it is a warning to people) ,the gritting(invitation to play), his eyes open(fear or insecurity), tail between legs (shame, subordination),raising on all fours("love me"),when it spins in circles looking for their place of rest and when it is cold and he coil up.The cat also allow us some messages:tail indicates the degree of endearment, perk up their ears and tail dishevel focus is preparation for the attack,tail between legs when he wants to hide,the pull out of the creepers when follow to attack and when she is upset.

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