About cats

1.The cats don't see well at short distance
2.The print of an earth ball of a cat is unique, like fingerprints of the people
3.the cats lick their fur to cool when it's hot.
4.the whiskers of the cat are particularly adapted to function as an antenna
5.Each ear of the cat is controlled by 32 muscles and can turn 180 degrees. People have only 6 muscles, so it's hard to move the ears
6.the cats don't abide the smell of lemon
7.the smell.The man has 5 million sensitive cells, and the cat has 200 milions.That means you need to change the sand every day to not mess.
8.A mature cat spends 15% of their life sleeping deeply, easily sleeping 50% and 30% is up. I noticed that this time the cat is awake, which coincides with the period in which man is sleeping.
9.The cats have five fingers at forefoot and four fingers at the rear

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