People's friends

Dogs and cats are animals considered "FRIENDS OF RIGHTS" because of responsibility towards the master, alternating with their playful nature and sincerity "voice" l.The fidelity is the largest trump.The men consider them friends of his that he needs not only love, but also by a sincere friend, who divulge all the secrets... So we can say that these domestic animals are the most beautiful thing in our life ....

No name

I am small and beautiful but I do not have a name.Can you tell him?

The dog

'If you get a dog and I get hungry to eat, he won't bite you.This is the most important difference between a dog and a man.'


I am Azorel.I'm waiting for my master who must come from work.

The twins

Do you like us?We are brothers.

The cats

'Happiness is like a cat, if you try to decoy or a call, you will avoid persistently, will not come again. But if you do not give no attention and you see it, you will find it walking around your feet and jumping in lap.'


I am Micky.I love you and I expect to write to me.


I am Pufi I have 1 month, I am very friendly, but a little sad because they forgot all of mine.I wait to speak to me.

So fast was dark?

What dark is! I see nothing!

A short break

After a day of playing we are tired.Tomorrow will see what we can break through the house.


Do not say we are enemys.I hope that you believe!

Accustom and take your dog out!

When you have to leave the dog alone at home for a longer period of time, take him for a long walk .Tired dog will rest and don't spoil your things .Learn dog needs to make out or in special places to not have certain inconveniences back.

I'm tired

I'm tired of how much I went .I can't I'm knackered.

Great love!

At least he is honest and small, deserve to love him.

Returning from a walk

Let go as soon as this way you get tomorrow home.Don't look in all parts!

The dificult period

During growth on dogs teeth gums hurt and for that reason they start to harvest. Take care of your things .The dog behave like a baby.Hide small objects to not be swallowed.

The guilty puppy

I chew the carpet and I think i'll sleep again at the door.

Sleep sweet (not bother)

You think I do not hit hard off the bed? There are among you like me!


Hi I am Max.Want someone to play with me? I'll wait for him.

the only one who loves me

He is the only one who loves me!

The arguing

If the cat was the victim of aggression from a dog, then between them there is a tension that will make their living impossible.The cat will respond accordingly and will be started arguing.

peaceful coexistence

we are just playing.Nothing us more.

Best friends!

Do you belive we are the best friends?

companion in a life

companion in a life


*The caress is a strong reward and well conditioned to the correct execution of orders
*The dog needs physical exercise.Take him out of at least two or three times a day
*Fed up with dog food dry age-appropriate, the dog can be fed with a combination of dry food and cooked food.
* The food that contains sugar is harmful to the dog
* Talk it on a gentle tone, and the dog will do what you ask. When the dog wrongs something, I attract attention to this only through a change of voice. He will surely understand
* You will never hit your dog! He will never forget!

I'm alone again

My masters do not want me . You want me?

I'll die of thirst

I'll die of thirst untill the master bring up the water.Hard is moving.

Oh how hot is.I can't

The marking of the teritory

Cats mark their territory by spraying with feromons which leave visual print to warn intruders not closer.The feromons play an important role in the life of a feline, with their territory and their scores is a way of communication.


Miranda&Ghloe accept to be stroke only they want.

The ill-tempered

I'm less sad.Nobody talks to me?

A warm day

It's a beautiful day! Get away.

About dogs

1.the single Sweat glands of the dogs are between the claws crow's.
2.the dogs have a night sight better than people
3.Un dog for a year is mentally mature as a man of 15 years
4.The smell of a dog is 100,000 times more powerful than that of a man
5.The dogs judge objects first by their movement, then the brightness and only after then the shape
6.The heart of a dog beat 120 times per minute, ie 50% more than the beatings of a man (80 per minute)
7.The older dog who ever lived was a Queensland "Heeler" named Bluey - lived 29 years and 5 months.

The lame puppy

I'll do well.Believe me!

The dwarf

I am so small that no one sees me?

The long-haired

Do you know a hairdresser? I'm looking for a long time.

About cats

1.The cats don't see well at short distance
2.The print of an earth ball of a cat is unique, like fingerprints of the people
3.the cats lick their fur to cool when it's hot.
4.the whiskers of the cat are particularly adapted to function as an antenna
5.Each ear of the cat is controlled by 32 muscles and can turn 180 degrees. People have only 6 muscles, so it's hard to move the ears
6.the cats don't abide the smell of lemon
7.the smell.The man has 5 million sensitive cells, and the cat has 200 milions.That means you need to change the sand every day to not mess.
8.A mature cat spends 15% of their life sleeping deeply, easily sleeping 50% and 30% is up. I noticed that this time the cat is awake, which coincides with the period in which man is sleeping.
9.The cats have five fingers at forefoot and four fingers at the rear

The melancholic

i don't think that i know you.Have we seen once?

I'm little

I don't see you but i feel you.I hope you'll love me!


Hey i wait to know you!wow wow!

The soprano

Mewww i'm a born soprano.

The remit of messages

Even if it seems hard to believe, every gesture of an animal allowed a message.The barking of a dog and the mew of a cat have the same meaning as the words for us.By the way they keep their ears and look at us they try to say something but without voice.Although the dog hasn't voice ,he say to us something by the way he behaves;the dog:the barking(to announce the arrival of a person), the growl(it is a warning to people) ,the gritting(invitation to play), his eyes open(fear or insecurity), tail between legs (shame, subordination),raising on all fours("love me"),when it spins in circles looking for their place of rest and when it is cold and he coil up.The cat also allow us some messages:tail indicates the degree of endearment, perk up their ears and tail dishevel focus is preparation for the attack,tail between legs when he wants to hide,the pull out of the creepers when follow to attack and when she is upset.


Not to miss anything as I am on guard.

The best!

With a lot of work I have become one of the best.


I am Kitty.Some people say that I'm beautiful. What do you think?

No name

Thanks to you i have a name.Thank you!